For patients under the care of a physician, testing is quite simple. First, the patient must speak with his or her physician about Pathway’s services. Throughout this entire process, our Board-eligible and -certified genetic counselors are available to answer any related questions.


For Patients

Step 1: First, ask your doctor about Pathway Genomics’ personal genetic reports. In addition, you can easily notify your physician of your interest in Pathway’s services, by visiting and simply filling in the blanks!
Step 2: Using Pathway’s Saliva Collection Kit, you provide a small amount of saliva. Your physician will mail your saliva sample to Pathway Genomics, along with the ordering information.
Step 3: You will need to go online to provide profile information, consent to the testing, and pay any laboratory processing fees.
Step 4: Wait for instructions from your doctor.

For Physicians

Step 1: First, you should meet and discuss Pathway’s services with your patient.
Step 2: Next, you will need to contact Pathway Genomics to arrange for a Saliva Collection Kit to be sent to your office.
Step 3: Then, using Pathway’s Saliva Collection Kit, arrange to collect a saliva sample from your patient.
Step 4: Lastly, simply complete and fax the physician order form to Pathway.

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