Pathway’s genetic counseling staff attended last week the National Society of Genetic Counselors’ (NSGC) 29th Annual Education Conference in Dallas, Texas.     

The four-day conference is an opportunity for genetic counselors from across the United States to gather and learn about relevant topics in the field of genetic counseling, as well as to reveal and discover upcoming visions and opportunities for the advancement of the field.   

While in attendance, we observed a focus, and an exceptional interest, in genome-based genetic screening and SNP-based risk assessments – methods incorporating technologies that are at the very forefront of the genetics field.   

“It was encouraging to hear these discussions,” said Emily Enns, M.S., one of Pathway’s genetic counselors. “It’s important for genetic counselors to learn as much as possible about the usefulness of this technology, and continue to discuss and determine its application within the field of genetic counseling.”   

Most genetic counselors we spoke with were interested in learning more about these technologies, and were generally positive about the technological advancements. The sessions focusing on these new developments discussed the technology and all of the possible applications of genome-based screens.     

Continuing education aimed towards genetic counselors and the integration of new, accurate and useful technology are key elements in appropriately serving and meeting the needs of patients who depend on genetic counselors. As developments are made in the ever-advancing fields of genetics and technology, we know that continued discussions and further research will undoubtedly be useful to genetic counselors and the patients they serve.   

Pathway agrees with NSGC’s assertion that genetic counseling is a vital part of the genetic testing process, and should be conducted pre- and post-test. And, as part of our dedication to providing quality services, we are committed to informing primary care physicians and genetic counselors of the benefits and uses of SNP-based risk assessments.

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