Olympic athletes currently competing in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London are using cutting-edge scientific methods to optimize their performance – including incorporating Pathway’s premier genetic test, Pathway Fit®, in their training regimens. Mail Online, an online division of the U.K.-based news service Daily Mailreported earlier this month that athletes in the U.S. track cycling team are using information from the Pathway Fit test – along with other high-tech health solutions, such as glucose and sleep monitoring devices – to garner the competitive edge.

“Our focus is generating insights about how all components of performance are interrelated so we can identify patterns leading to highly individualized training plans,” Sky Christopherson, a performance consultant to the U.S. team members and founder of Optimized Athlete, a start-up that analyzes health data, told Mail Online. “Ultimately our goal is to apply these insights to consumers to help with breakthroughs in health and fitness.”

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