Pathway Genomics has partnered with Practice Fusion, the nation’s fastest growing electronic medical record (EMR) community. The partnership will allow Pathway Genomics to rapidly connect and offer its clinical laboratory services to Practice Fusion’s growing network of more than 150,000 medical professionals.

Founded in 2005, Practice Fusion addresses the complexities and critical needs of today’s healthcare environment by providing a free, web-based EMR application to physicians. Through its lab integration solution, practices can receive their patients’ most vital information directly to individual patient charts.

“Our mission, and medical responsibility to the community, is to provide people with actionable and accurate genetic information they can use to maintain health and wellness,” said Dr. Michael Nova, Pathway Genomics’ chief medical officer. “Integrating our lab services into Practice Fusion’s EMR platform is a critical step in making this actionable genetic information more accessible to the physician, and ultimately, the patient.”

By examining DNA from a person’s saliva, or in some cases blood, Pathway Genomics screens specific genes and provides scientifically validated and actionable information related to recessive genetic diseases, traits that impact heart health, drug response, nutrition and exercise response, as well as common health conditions.

“Reporting on a person’s genetic information is a critical ingredient in delivering highly personalized medical care to physicians and their patients,” said Todd Martin, Practice Fusion’s senior vice president of business development. “We are very pleased to have Pathway Genomics, a leader in the genetic testing space, as a laboratory partner.”

Earlier this year, Pathway Genomics announced it joined Blue Shield of California’s Preferred Provider Network, which consists of an HMO network of more than 34,000 physicians and 290 hospitals, and a PPO network that includes more than 60,000 physicians and 351 hospitals.

Additionally, Pathway Genomics is currently involved in a key clinical trial. Launched last summer, researchers at the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System (VASDHS) began a prospective randomized clinical trial of the company’s premier nutrigenetic test, Pathway Fit®, aimed at improving the health of obese veterans and focusing on the genetic associations of weight loss and weight regain.


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